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SE 2050 Commitment Program Team

SE 2050 was developed and is managed by a dedicated group of volunteers. All members of the team are members of the SE 2050 subcommittee of the SEI Sustainability Committee and bring each a unique perspective and level of expertise to SE 2050. The team is broken down into subgroups managed by a subgroup leader and the Leadership Group. The different subgroup areas of focus are:

Planning: Manage the SE 2050 business plan, membership, finances, and agenda for committee member meetings.

Database: Develop, maintain, and improve the SE 2050 Database. Analyze the collected data and provide meaningful insights to Signatory Firms and the broader industry toward the goal of achieving net zero embodied carbon structures.

Communications: Create the monthly newsletter, and track potential conferences and other speaking opportunities. Monitor the SE 2050 email account and provide yearly website and template presentation updates.

Partnerships: Identify key organizations whose mission and activities align with SE 2050, form partnerships, clarify the boundaries of the SE 2050 Commitment Program, and maintain the Advisory Group and SE Firm Executives group.

Program Mechanics: Establish and annually update the SE 2050 Program requirements, communicate with signatories about program updates, and ensure signatory firms are meeting the minimum requirements of the SE 2050 Commitment program on their ECAP and database submissions.

Resources: Produce, maintain, and publish resources on the SE 2050 website for structural engineers on the topic of embodied carbon.

Infrastructure: Extend the SE 2050 Commitment Program to include structural engineers and firms specializing in infrastructure.

Leadership Group

The Leadership Group comprises leaders of each subgroup, including the positions of Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary. The Leadership Group is responsible for managing all aspects of the Commitment Program, including liaising with SEI leadership. All committee members have an opportunity to become a part of the Leadership Group through their active contributions to the SE 2050 Commitment Program.

Subgroup Contributors

The subgroup contributors play a key role in accomplishing the goals of SE 2050 by making key contributions in each of the subgroups. Many contributors are active and also contribute to the overall direction of the Program.

SEI Leadership

The SE 2050 Commitment Program has been developed by the SE 2050 Subcommittee of the SEI Sustainability Committee.  The Sustainability Committee falls within the Technical Activities Division of the Structural Engineering Institute.  The Structural Engineering Institute is led by the SEI Board of Governors.  Our subcommittee is overseen directly by SEI staff including the SEI Director.  Visit the SEI homepage here to learn more.

Advisory Group

We actively seek guidance from industry experts to ensure our program is always trending in the right direction and has opportunities for broad adoption and alignment with parallel initiatives. The following organizations have individuals who are members of this important group.

AIA 2030 & AIA DDx

Architecture 2030*

ASCE Committee on Sustainability

Athena Sustainable Materials Institute

Carbon Leadership Forum*

Charles Pankow Foundation

Delft University of Technology*


*Founding partner of SE 2050 Initiative

IStructE Climate Emergency Task Group

IStructE Sustainability Panel

Building Transparency

Glenn Bell, SEI Past President

NCSEA Sustainable Design Committee

Thornton Tomasetti*

University of Colorado, Boulder*


Join the Team!

We are always looking for dedicated professionals to help out! Please visit our Getting Involved page to learn more.

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