Embodied Carbon Action Plans (ECAP)

Your firm’s ECAP is central to your commitment to SE 2050 and to the path to net zero embodied carbon structures. The ECAP articulates how you will educate your firm’s staff in embodied carbon, how you will report the embodied carbon of your projects, how you will document your embodied carbon reduction strategies and how you will advocate within the industry. We ask that firms put careful thought into the plan and consider what you can implement within your unique firm and how you can be most impactful. Firms are given 6 months to develop their ECAP prior to uploading to the firm’s account. There are no right or wrong ECAPs, however, there are minimum expectations for each ECAP and we hope your plan captures opportunities unique to your practice. All ECAPs are to be public and the firm will have an option to upload their own ECAP document or fill out a simple form outlining minimums. The four requirements are listed below. Click on the link below for additional information.

  • Education
  • Reporting
  • Reduction
  • Advocacy

The ECAP requirements are outlined in the Program Requirements Guidance Document.  Please note that a firm’s first year ECAP is permitted to be in a checklist format.

Optional ECAP Submittal Form – This is intended provide signatories a simplified way of submitting their plans. It is always an option to create your own ECAP and submit by emailing

ECAPs of Signatory Firms

All ECAPs are required to be publicly available and updated yearly.

To view published ECAPs from committed firms, visit the Signatory Firms page under the Join the Movement tab.

ECAP Feedback Form

As a new commitment program we need your feedback. If you have any questions or comments regarding the ECAP please submit them here. We will take your feedback into consideration as we continue to improve the program.

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