Case Studies

This section includes embodied carbon case studies of buildings and building types performed primarily by structural engineers.


Building Types

Case Studies in Carbon Reduction from the University of Bath

Introduction by Glenn Bell

In December 2020 I had a great pleasure to lecture (virtually) in a course entitled Architectural Structures in the Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering at the University of Bath in the UK.  At Bath students of architecture and structural engineering learn together in a program that stresses climate, (low) carbon, creativity, and collaboration.  It is one of the best programs I’ve seen anywhere for preparing creative building structural engineers.

The Architectural Structures course, headed by Professor Tim Ibell, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Design at Bath, includes lectures by invited practicing engineers.  The aim is “To develop an appreciation of novel and innovative structural engineering design solutions for a range of specific applications.”

For the course’s final project, students must choose a project designed by a notable living structural engineer and redesign it with the primary goal of reducing its carbon footprint.  The students then present their case in a 5-minute video presentation uploaded to YouTube, and then defend their solution in front of their fellow students and the course lecturers.

I attended the final presentations and was astounded by the students’ creativity, grasp of the issues, and professionalism.   The strategies for carbon reduction are invaluable for students and practicing professionals as well.

–Glenn Bell, President 2020 of the Structural Engineering Institute of ASCE and Galletly-Dickson Visiting Scholar, Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering, University of Bath

Cynthia Liu – 111 West 57th Street

Henry Fagan – Bosjes Chapel

Heum-hak Yoon – Busan Cinema Center Design Analysis

Jo Da Silva

Bill Baker

Faith Wainwright

Creative Collaboration

Thuc Bui

The Savill Building

Cecil Balmond

Munich Olympic Stadium Roof – Jorg Schlaich

Santiago Calatrava: Athens Olympic Stadium

Shibata’s influence on the design of the Ribbon Chapel

Naeem Hussain

Patti Harburg-Petrich – The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

Gillian Browning and Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

House R128 by Werner Sobek: Embodied Carbon Exploration

Damian Eley and the Leadenhall building by Freya Morris

Cristobal Correa

Tara Fraser

Michelle McDowell

Phillipe Block

SawTeen See, Miho Museum Bridge

Roger Ridsdell Smith

Mona Saleem – First Female Structural Engineer in UAE

Paul Harris, Building 2 SnowHill

Mutsuro Sasaki – Structural Morphogenesis and Sensitivity Analysis

Intesa Sanpaolo Tower – Julia Ratcliffe

Peckham Library and Hanif Kara

Gloucester Gateway Services by Sallyanne Lewis

Hi Sun Choi, Ministry of Taxation Tower

Reducing the embodied carbon of Shanghai Tower

Roma Agrawal and the Shard

Stephanie Slocum

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