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How it Works

Signing up to the SE 2050 Commitment Program requires creating a firm-wide plan to reduce the embodied carbon of your structural systems, tracking your progress, and evaluating and reducing the embodied carbon impacts of the design decisions you make on your projects. We believe significant changes in the way structural engineers address embodied carbon through the design and construction of our structural systems will play an important role in achieving net zero carbon buildings by 2050. By joining the SE 2050 Commitment Program, you are asserting your firm’s commitment to reducing embodied carbon and adapting your practice to ensure substantive embodied carbon reductions. The SE 2050 Commitment Program provides the tools, support, education, data, and analysis to help you improve your expertise and make real change!

It is our hope that by joining the Commitment Program you will be an active participant. Click on the link below to sign up.  You will be required to provide a main point of contact for your firm and some basic firm information. Once you submit the information you will receive an email confirmation and welcome package including login information and an explanation of next steps including the creation and uploading of your Embodied Carbon Action Plan (ECAP).


Benefits of Joining

There are many benefits to joining the SE 2050 Commitment Program – for you, your firm, and your clients. You’ll gain access to anonymous, confidential data from leading structural engineering firms’ projects across the country and all the education and support you’ll need. You’ll be part of a growing community of active and progressive structural engineers looking to be a part of the solution.

As a participant you will:

  • Help clients save money by further emphasizing efficient structural systems with minimal structural material quantities.
  • Boost your firm profile by developing new sustainability approaches and creating a culture that exemplifies sustainable design.
  • Have access to tools that will allow you to benchmark embodied carbon metrics, set targets, track progress, and validate your design approach for embodied carbon savings against industry trends.
  • Be part of a growing cadre of firms who are working to combat climate change through education, embodied carbon modeling using LCA methods, and advocacy.
  • Be given educational resources for your firm’s staff to improve their understanding of embodied carbon impacts of structural systems and access to a basic tool for determining an order of magnitude impact of embodied carbon for a structural system.


Program Requirements

To join the Program you are required to do the following.

  1. Assign a point person within your firm
  2. Upload a SE 2050 Commitment Program letter signed by your firm’s leadership
  3. Create a comprehensive Embodied Carbon Action Plan (ECAP) for your firm within six months of signing the commitment letter.  The ECAP establishes the long-term firm-wide strategy that promotes the SE 2050 Commitment Program goals and other best practices in sustainable design and forms the basis of your firm’s commitment.  As part of the ECAP you will need to establish your workflow for providing structural material quantity and/or embodied carbon data to a central database for establishment of system benchmarks.


Creating your Embodied Carbon Action Plan (ECAP)

The importance of an individual’s or firm’s comprehensive Embodied Carbon Action Plan cannot be overstated. If we all commit to a plan centered around action and engagement, we will collectively make tangible improvements. As no one knows you or your firm better, you will need to formulate your own plan!

There are many ways to meet our collective goal of reducing embodied carbon. The road to Zero Net Carbon buildings by 2050 will be different for every firm and vary widely based on project type, location, size, and any number of other factors. This is a long-term commitment requiring more than short-term thinking. A reduction plan is necessary to get us pointed in the right direction and stay on track with our goals.

See ‘Embodied Carbon Action Plan’ for more information on creating and uploading your plan!

Sign up to receive updates on this developing program. We anticipate launching the program in early 2020.

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This website and the SE 2050 Commitent Program is in beta and seeks your feedback and support! We plan to officially launch in November 2020. Please sign up for updates.