SE 2050 Database

The SE 2050 Database is a central repository for firms participating in the SE 2050 Commitment Program to submit structural embodied carbon (global warming potential) data. The data submitted to the SE 2050 Database will be used to inform industry benchmarks and targets, ultimately working towards net zero embodied carbon by 2050.

If you are a member of an SE 2050 Signatory Firm, click Report Your Data to create a user account and access the database.

Notes on user account creation:

  • Access to the database is limited to members of SE 2050 Commitment Program Signatory Firms.
  • Upon creating an account, a notification will be sent to the Firm Admin for your company. The Firm Admin must activate your account before you will be able to log in.
  • If your password is not accepted when creating an account, try changing the special character(s) used. Email if the problem persists.


SE 2050 Database User Guide

  • Provides an overview of the interface and functionality of the SE 2050 Database
  • Describes and clarifies project input fields

SE 2050 Project Import Spreadsheet

Note: The spreadsheet posted here includes some bug fixes. Use this version instead of the version that can be downloaded from within the database.

  • Optional tool that can be used to batch import data for one or more projects into the database
  • See the SE 2050 Database User Guide and instructions within the spreadsheet for more information

SE 2050 LCA Methodology Guide

Anticipated publication: 2022

  • Clarifies expectations regarding the inputs, assumptions, and accuracy of life cycle assessment (LCAs) performed for projects submitted to the SE 2050 Database
  • Guides users towards best practices for performing LCA

Designated Persons

Designated Persons are individuals identified to manage the raw data uploaded to the SE 2050 Database:

  • Erica Fischer, Oregon State University
  • Steve Buonopane, Bucknell University

For more information about the role of Designated Persons and data access, refer to the SE 2050 Beta Database User Agreement, available on the database registration page

Designated Organizations

Designated Organizations are organizations identified to manage the aggregation of data after identifying information has been removed. For more information, refer to the User Agreement.

There are currently no Designated Organizations. This page will identify the organizations once they are selected.


For feedback or questions regarding the SE 2050 Database, email

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